Hands-Only CPR

Hands-Only CPR

Cardiovascular Disease claims the lives of over 500,000 women each year.  

Did you know that the leading cause of death for women in the 
United States is Sudden Cardiac Arrest?  

    Do you know the signs and symptoms of a heart attack or sudden cardiac arrest?   

In sudden cardiac arrest a person collapses and becomes unresponsive. They stop breathing and their heart beats with an irregular rhythm that does not effectively circulate blood through their body. When this happens, start CPR and use an AED (Automated External Defibrillator), if available.  A person having a heart attack may have sharp or crushing chest pain; but many people only have mild discomfort or pressure in their chest or upper back and some difficulty breathing. It is imperative that anyone having chest pain or pressure with difficulty in breathing seek medical attention immediately. Call 911. If the person becomes unresponsive and stop breathing start CPR.

Do you know how to do CPR?  If you have never taken a course or are not sure if you remember how to do CPR you can do Hands-Only CPR. Here are the steps:  Call 911, push up and down on the center of the person’s chest and don’t stop until the ambulance arrives. 

Your quick action can make a difference. 

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