Are you a school, teacher, team or club with dwindling resources? Are  you a church group, Boy or Girl Scout Troop that’s in need of no cost, no hassle fundraising?  It doesn’t get any easier than HeartStart Express' CPR fundraising program.  Our CPR fundraisers provide a great benefit to the community by increasing the number of trained CPR responders and, it allows you to raise funds without handling, distributing, refrigerating fundraising products, paying upfront fees, meeting sales minimums or locating and managing event space.  

We provide the fundraising materials customized for your group, club or school.  This includes print and digital brochures and flyers.  We provide a dedicated web page for your fundraiser that serves as a registration page accepting Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover credit cards.  

HeartStart Express' CPR Fundraising program is a  NO COST, NO FEE, NO MINIMUM  program.  That means there is no fee to set-up, manage or run your fundraising program!  We charge a  very low per person base rate, even lower than the rate on this flyer.  You determine how much you would like to charge per person and the difference is your fundraising profit to put to good use!  

You can double our per person base rate and it will remain well below the current market cost for comparable training with other providers.  Your fundraiser participants complete the training at their leisure on HeartStart Express' Online Learning Center.  

They may start and stop the training as they wish and receive their certification cards once they have completed the training and passed the tests.  

The Save-A-Heart CPR Fundraising program allows you to email family, friends and coworkers around the world, allowing them to participate in your fundraising program.  Try that with cookie dough, candles, candy bars, wrapping paper or car washes!

 Here is all you have to do to take advantage of this program: 

1. Determine your group’s financial goals.

2. Assign a fundraising coordinator.

3. Call us at 972.379.8220 to set-up your fundraising program.

4. Set the duration of your fundraiser.

5. Set the per person charge for the training.

6. Distribute your fundraiser marketing materials.

7. Spend your easily earned fundraising dollars!

Course Hosting for Cash!

Are you a business owner with space to hold training programs after hours or on weekends?  Are you interested in earning additional revenue when your facility is closed or the space isn’t being utilized?  Allow HeartStart Express to host training programs at your facility and begin earning that additional revenue.  We are looking for facilities in your area to host training courses.  Call us for complete details.

CPR Parties

Try our new CPR Parties!  Learn adult, child and infant CPR, choking, drowning and first aid skills in the comfort of your own home.  Host a party at your location, invite over friends and family and learn how to save the life of a newborn or loved one!


We are happy to offer your company, school, group, etc. discounted training rates for groups of 10 or more people, at your site.