CPR First Aid Open Enrollment

 Looking for a fun, energetic, entertaining, and relatively short?  

If you are looking for the traditional long, boring CPR class this isn't it.


Where are our locations?

- Arlington-Fort Worth 

What will the classes include?

You can choose just a CPR or First Aid class or  both CPR and First Aid Class.  Taking both classes is highly recommended.

CPR Class:

- Heart Attack and Stroke Information

- Adult / Child / Infant CPR

- Choking Maneuvers

First Aid Overview:-This is the first first aid class to really give you a taste of an actual emergency!

- Bleeding                                             - Shock                                        - Asthma Attacks

- Diabetic Emergencies                         - Heat/Cold Emergencies            - Poisoning

- Fractures                                             - Snake Bites                               - Seizures

- Sprains                                                - Allergic Reactions                    - Environmental Emergencies

- And More..... 

How much is it?

- CPR and First Aid AED $65 (An additional $10 for those who need Pediatric-basically childcare providers)

- CPR and First Aid AED $45 (Renewal - must have unexpired card to receive this price)

- CPR or First Aid $35

What do we get for that price?

- The best class you've ever taken! (Highly recommended by others)

-A two-year CPR card

- A two-year First Aid card

- All handouts and materials (at no extra cost)

- Confidence knowing that you can actually save a life!