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 On-Site Scheduling

We offer on-site training with a minimum of 4 participants. Group discount available for 6 or more participants. Call for details.

Now, more then ever, CPR certification is a skill that everyone should have. With today’s busy lifestyle, online CPR training has become most convenient. CPR courses are available through authorized online classes and they are a lot simpler. Although you may have been CPR certified in the past, your certification needs to be renewed every two years to meet the most updated CPR, ECC and American Heart Association guidelines. So remember a CPR refresher course always keeps you most current with the needed skills. 

Parents should especially receive child and infant CPR certification in the event of an emergency at home. CPR courses are especially necessary in May and at the beginning of June each year, as this is when people begin to populate pools and hit the beaches. It is better to take a simple online CPR class then to regret not knowing what to do in the event of an emergency. The knowledge gained in a CPR training course could make a world of a difference to the life you save, until help can arrive. 

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